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Development Opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities by GRIT:

GRIT is pleased to offer a variety of learning opportunities geared to the work of early childhood educators, teachers, parents, and other professionals. Our development programs aim to strengthen the skills, knowledge and confidence of our partners to ensure the best possible outcomes for families. These workshops are open to the public.

GRIT is an approved professional development provider in Alberta. Our workshops meet the criteria for professional development funding, and/or release time funding, as outlined in the Alberta Childcare Grant Funding Guide.




Wednesday, June 19 @ 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Family-Centered Practice

Family Centered Practice (FCP) is a philosophical approach that recognizes the fundamental role of families in the provision of services. In this session, participants will define family-centred practice: what it is and why it’s important; examine the family-professional partnership; and, investigate their own family-centered practices.

Where Learning Flourishes: Webinar Series 

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This interactive, online learning focuses on providing knowledge and strategies to adults who support diverse learners in the early years (e.g. preschool / kindergarten).

Cost: $50.00 per workshop

  • Confirmed participants will receive a Zoom link and handouts the day of the session

  • Certificates of completion are available by request after the workshop

View the full list of webinars:

Calendar of Events

GRIT Professional Learning

As a leader in inclusive early learning and care, GRIT has been a long-standing provider of professional learning experiences for the broader community.

We offer high-quality adult learning
opportunities which are available across the province to support your agency’s changing professional learning needs and interests.


Calling all Early Childhood Educators! Our ICC by GRIT Inclusive Practices Workshop Series are perfect for educators looking for bite-sized skills to add to their toolkit. Workshops are only 45min long and are available virtually.

Cost: FREE

Inclusive Workshop Series

  • Confirmed participants will receive a Zoom link and handouts the date of the session

  • Certificates of completion are available by request after the workshop

Full List of Workshops Coming Soon...

Join us at our Veyron Learning Lab: a dynamic, comfortable and flexible environment designed for engaging and interactive learning opportunities. This modern space includes access to a large kitchen, state of the art technology and free parking. Capacity: 70 guests. 

Learning Options

Come to Us

We'll Come to You

Our commitment to facilitating professional learning extends beyond our premises. We’ll bring our expertise and resources directly to your location of choice for a convenient and tailored learning experiences for your team. Whether it's at your office, conference centre, or other  venue of your choice, our dedicated team ensures seamless delivery of high-quality learning sessions.

Virtual & Remote Learning

Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, our virtual and remote learning option provides the same level of engagement, interactivity, and depth as our in-person offerings. Through expert facilitation, we bridge geographical gaps and deliver impactful learning experiences that empower individuals and teams.

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