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About GRIT


Communities embrace diversity and uphold the rights of all children and their families.


To build on the skills, knowledge, and confidence of families and educators to ensure that children are supported in inclusive settings and meaningfully participate in everyday routines.


Dedicated to paving inclusive pathways for children with disabilities since 1982

GRIT has been a leader in inclusive and equitable childcare practices for children with disabilities and their families for over 40 years. 


As Canada’s hub for inclusive early child care and education, GRIT’s professional knowledge is informed by research and industry best practices to achieve the highest possible outcomes for children, families, educators and community partners.


GRIT early learning providers work directly with families to leverage their already-established knowledge and strengths. Our families are the heart of our educational team, and GRIT knows that families are the best advocates for their children’s needs. 


Inclusion is not one-size-fits-all, and it looks different for every family we serve. GRIT programs enable children with disabilities and their families to live their fullest lives and meaningfully participate in everyday activities and routines. We provide this support through our programs for families and educators.


Family Centered Practice

Parents hold a central role in decision making and choices for the well-being of their child and family. Parents experience active parent participation, learning, and gain confidence to positively influence their children’s future.


The belief that “we all belong”. All children have the right to participate in natural settings. When children are included, they are active and valued participants in life.

Play nourishes development and forms a strong foundation for learning. Through play, children make sense of their world, expand their imagination, gain independence and develop friendships.

Learning Through Play & Everyday Routines

Learning Community

The most valuable assets of an organization are engaged and passionate people. Together, they learn, seek knowledge, and discover innovative practices for their work.

Stories of Impact

A dynamic, comfortable and flexible environment where facilitators have access to the tools and technology they need to create quality learning experiences that are welcoming, inspiring and engaging. 


Veyron Learning Lab:

GRIT's Anual Reports

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